Eating Meat is Masculine – extensive

Meat consumption is masculine?!

To dissolve the sexism in this statement, we will replace the word “masculine” with the – in this context often meant – word “strong”.
Therefore eating meat is “strong”?

To which effect?
Physically strong, because I am able to stuff my body with fat and cholesterol and manage to sit on the sofa and watch TV anyway?
Or personally strong, because I am capable of presenting how absolutely indifferent I am to the suffocation of other beings and how much I value my own luxury instead?
Or mentally strong, because I have the ability to follow the mainstream in their meat eating habits and could not resist the craving for addictive drugs and flavour enhancers, even if it would be a matter of life and death?

Wherever these statements are (implicit or explicit) given, and in which way meat consumption ever implies strength, I cannot understand. Furthermore I would argue the other way round.

Mentally strong?
The ones who are aware of the suffering caused by meat consumption and nonetheless don’t change their habits, although they would – if they were really honest to themselves – admit that meat consumption is “bad”, seems pretty weak to my eyes. It speaks of a very weak will, which I can’t desist from transferring in other areas of life. Will such a weak person act otherwise in similar situations? Perhaps it is a helpful person, but at which point prevails their own comfort over the welfare of other people?

Personally strong?
Some people don’t care about animals. They care that little that they might accept the abuse of their own pets. The only possibly acceptable aspect in those people is that they are at least consequent in their actions. How does it define a person who doesn’t care about animals? Who doesn’t care about harm? Does he only not care about animals, which means he defines his respect for other beings as a result of their group membership? What if the group was not only defined by species but skin colour or sex? How can I know?
The second possibility would be, that the person doesn’t care about anyone, independent from a group or species. Do I really want a person like that in my social environment? Or even beneath my friends? Someone who would likely stab me in the back at every occasion?

Physically strong?
I guess I don’t have to say a lot about this. I’m not a nutritionist – but who is? Yet spoken against the common tendency, a vegetable diet would be “unhealthy”, it could never be that unhealthy that it would cause me to murder animals, unless you die right away when eating a plant (assumed it wouldn’t be the wrong one). My motivation to being a vegan is not health. For example, who would breed and eat humans, even if it would be healthy?
It should be common sense that eating as much meat as possible is not the best way to keep one fit. If you take a look, you might discover that physical strength is more likely to be caused by sport than by meat consumption. I know, the one or the other may be surprised, I request you to just try it.
Many vegans state that they feel a lot fitter after becoming vegan and are able to achieve greater athletic performances.

Now then what’s positive in eating meat?
If you try to judge it, it would cause a rather negative impression, as shown above.

And why do you eat animals?